Thousands Of 'Penis Fish' Wash Up On California Beach

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  • Thousands Of 'Penis Fish' Wash Up On California Beach

    The hordes of 'penis-fish' were spotted on December 6 after a storm hit the area in California Beach.

    If you're sick of unsolicited dick pics, scroll no further. Something fishy has been happening on a beach in California. Thousands of strange 'penis'-like creatures washed up on Drakes Beach on December 6, after a recent storm. David Ford was enjoying a nice walk along the Bay Area beach when he witnessed hundreds of seagulls feasting on something in the sand. What they were eating, looked straight out of a horror film. Pink and roughly 6 inches long, it looked like the birds were eating.... well, dick. Hundreds of thousands of these 'penises' had washed ashore. “I didn’t expect to see such bizarre creatures on the ground,” Ford told Motherboard over the phone, reports VICE.

    Thousands of 10-inch penis fish wash up on California beach following storm View image on Twitter

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