Crack attack: Woman almost killed by her G-string

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  • Crack attack: Woman almost killed by her G-string

    Hillary Zinks shared details of her intimate infection to warn others. Photo / Hillary Zinks

    A US woman almost died when a cut caused by her G-string underwear became infected, leading to emergency surgery and a warning - leave the tight undies alone.

    Hillary Zinks shared her story on TikTok, revealing that at first she ignored her symptoms.

    "One day I was out of town and I noticed my butt started to hurt. Right above my crack. I had no idea why," Zinks revealed.

    "On the plane ride home I couldn't even sit straight, I kept moving like I had haemorrhoids or something."

    When she got home, Zink asked her mother to have a look at the affected area, which had been causing her discomfort for weeks by that point.

    While she couldn't see any obvious injury, Zinks' mum told her that she needed to get medical help to get to the bottom of the problem.

    When Zinks finally saw a doctor the scale of the problem became clear, and she was taken for emergency surgery to deal with what by now was a large abscess.

    In the video, Zinks goes on to describe in detail how her panty problem was remedied.

    "So they cut me open and they start squeezing the pus and their fingers are going through my crack... it smells so bad."

    Please click here to see the full article and a video of Hillary on Tiktok.

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