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  • New Trends in Organic Farming

    The growing popularity of homeopathy in Europe is well documented with statistics and latest published articles that just add unnecessary disputes rake matter. Not only members of the British royal family, but ordinary people in countries like Italy, France, Greece, Spain not to forget, Germany, the cradle of homeopathy are flocking to this form of alternative medicine into the mainstream.
    Now, the European Commission put its stamp of approval of homeopathy by issuing guidelines for organic farmers in the UK to treat their animals with homeopathic drugs. Directive expressly states that it is generally necessary for the production of all organic animals that homeopathic and herbal use more than normal use allopathic veterinary treatment makes the chemical, which typically occurs as antibiotics market.
    Field testing: Getting hit in the shoulder its approval and support from the "Soil Association", which is the UK governing body to certify organic products. Official press release from the association states that, while the use of homeopathic treatment is not necessary to obtain organic certification can be "effective." This press release from the Association of soil supported by their extended studied data they have collected from breeders and veterinarians those points to significantly improve health by adopting herbal and homeopathic treatments,
    Approval by the UN: Organic farming has received the seal of approval by the UN in 2013, which declared as a sustainable and scalable to meet the growing global food requirements. Dozens of research studies have supported organic farming, field reports confirmed by rising yields and better performance of chemically treated plants stress positive impact on local biodiversity.

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