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Your accomplice in pleasure is now at Funhouse in Wellington CBD. An intoxicating mix of sweet, delicate and boldly flirtatious, I am naturally adventurous, curious, affectionate, with a love of the physical. I live for pleasure in all its guises; enjoying sensuality, connection, intrigue and truly satisfying sex – be it gentle and slow – to a bit of rough and tumble.
I am fit, athletic, with a toned figure that is a delight to both eyes and to the touch. I am often told I have the perkiest bottom around, but my silky skin and full breasts are complimented just as much. Of course, there’s really no need to settle for one favourite aspect – you’re fully entitled to appreciate every part of me!

My long brunette hair tumbles down my back. I have blue eyes, full lips, lightly sun-kissed skin, natural D cup breasts, and no tattoos.

You could call me an outward looking hedonist – enjoying the pleasure of others, discovering other people’s desires, to tease and be teased. I have a definite mischievous side, and love stolen moments and connections of different kinds.

If variety is the spice of life consider me that tempting spice – sweet, subtle with a bit of a kick, making everything else that little bit better:

I’ve been told that I’m generous with my affections and attentions, but this is not to be confused with being selfless – I savour my various escapades. Lovers describe me as genuine and open minded (not to mention beautiful). I believe that physical connection – an exquisite way to get to know someone, and oneself – should also be celebrated as pleasure for its own sake.

I am university educated, with a love of art, film, travel and the outdoors – most especially the sea and anywhere warm and wild. Wild and wintry is also irresistible if combined with something hot; think saunas, scotch and log cabins in the woods.

I love good conversation, especially with people more experienced and world-wise than myself. Of course, fine conversation and flirtation is an aphrodisiac in itself, intensifying the physical connection.

Did I mention I love to kiss?

Fantasy and Roleplay

Delighting in all the intricacies and possibilities of sexual connection, I also like to delve into fantasy and roleplay, of which there are infinite possibilities. I like to create a space where others feel free to explore their fantasies and sexuality. And while I have more than a few fantasies of my own and enjoy guiding lovers through new experiences, I also appreciate a lover who knows what they want. I love hearing about different fantasies and new play scenarios.

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