Heads up people, especially those that have a tollroad account with NZTA like I do.

The tollroad department of the NZTA are apparently not linked to the licensing, registration or other parts of the NZTA!

This means that if you change the plate on your vehicle YOU are responsible for logging into your tollroad account and updating the plate listed against that vehicle or you will get an infringement notice like I did.

This is what happened to me:

My bike plate used to be A3GMG and was listed on my toll road account for years. Earlier this year I put the personal plate OROR0 (Double Or Nothing) on the bike. Now since that is done through NZTA I thought nothing more of it.

I then apparently rode my bike on the Northern Gateway Toll Road twice with the new plate on it and 'the system' did not link the new plate to my bike then to my account and bingo, even though my tollroad account has over $30 credit in at and the charge is only $2.00 per time I get issued two $40.00 Infringement Notices fo not paying my toll.

To cut a long story short, I just spent 38min on the phone with NZTA arguing about this and refusing to pay the infringements. They stated that it is in their Terms & Conditions on www.tollroads.govt.nz that it is the user's responsibility to update their records in the tollroad system, not the NZTA's. I pointed out that there are no T&C's in the account holder's area on their site.

So being the difficult prick that I am I then went and read the T&C's on the NZTA site:

It states at https://www.nzta.govt.nz/roads-and-r...nd-conditions/


1.1 The New Zealand Transport Agency is a Crown entity, established under the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (“Transport Agency”). The Transport Agency is the Public Road Controlling Authority, the Toll Road Operator, and the Enforcement Authority for all Toll Roads in New Zealand. ‘Transport Agency Toll Road’ is the name of the Transport Agency’s tolling service."

Then at cause 5.4 it states

"5.4 If any Nominated Vehicle has a Vehicle Registration Plate change, you must tell us promptly."

OK, so if I go to www.nzta.govt.nz the first thing on the menu on the home page says "Renew vehicle licence (rego)" and the last thing on the menu is 'toll payments and accounts"...so they are clearly part of the same entity ....so doesn’t it follow that I told them (NZTA) of the change in my plate at the time I changed it?

Anyway... I threatened court, they blustered and thumped their chests ....and waived the infringement notices. I still had to pay $7.20 for each $2.00 toll but I could not be bothered wasting my time arguing any further.

If this happens to you, fight the NZTA. They don't have a leg to stand on.