Dunedin rape case deemed 'exceptional', teenager gets home detention

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  • Dunedin rape case deemed 'exceptional', teenager gets home detention


    A teenager who lured his victim to a secluded area and held her by the throat while he raped her has avoided imprisonment.

    Reuben Thomas Hanna (18) was sentenced to 12 months' home detention yesterday after Judge Russell Walker in the Dunedin District Court found the case was an "exceptional" one.

    He accepted the teenager's remorse was genuine and that a head injury sustained in a workplace accident would make a term behind bars unfairly arduous.

    The judge acknowledged several references before the court from Hanna's supporters which described him in glowing terms and in which they said they were "shocked and dumbfounded" when they heard about the sex attack.

    "For someone described by others as normally kind, caring and trustworthy, on this particular day you totally betrayed the trust the victim had in you in the most callous way," he said.

    The victim's life had changed immeasurably because of the trauma she suffered, the court heard.

    "I feel like my body is no longer mine," she said.

    "I'm no longer comfortable giving hugs or telling people how I feel."

    While the cuts and bruises from the incident faded, the psychological wounds remained raw, and were exacerbated when people confronted her, claiming Hanna was innocent.

    You can read the full article here

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