Hi, I’m Sam, a busty, blonde German-NZ Euro babe

My personality is vibrant and flirty. I love to banter and am very quick witted. I have the perfect amount of sassiness to keep you on your toes and a very, very generous dose of sex appeal. From start to finish you will find me completely captivating and totally at your service. I will be with you every moment, ensuring that at no point you feel thrust aside or unappreciated.

My face often conveys my mischievous thoughts – I can’t help but be naughty. I love to dance and give a very raunchy strip tease. I can be dominant yet playful. I more than tempt you in some time off the straight and narrow. I’ll take your hand and lead you totally astray down the path of wicked erotic, sensuality, encouraging you to forget your sensibilities and live in the moment, instead.

Salaciously Yours,

Sam xx

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